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Fabric of Product  500 DN   original  coordra

Tumplines  6.6 and 2.5  cm

Velcro  YKK

Mole  sytems  

Arrangment of lenght are done with tumplines in frond and behind

Arrangment of size are done with side belts velcro.

Air sponge lining is include interior material. It does not swear when wearing for a long time.

 There are hard ballistic pockets in front and back.

Production color is military rangen grey. Production is made in  black and beige colors according to order.

Vests are produced in M-L-XL standarts.  According to order, we can produce XXL- 3XL

Our productions are fully produced in Turkey.

Minumum OTY: 250 PSC

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