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Welcome to Yıltexarmor Website

Protectıon of Tomorrow


About Us

Yiltex armor  has been working in textile field since 1985. We have been experienced for 38 years in steel vest production.We have produced work clothes and equipments for military services and civilians and we sell it to foreign companies that have prestige in abroad. We have three hundred(300) machinery park and 5000m2 indoor area and it increases day by day. Our company got famous with high-quality exportation and we participated in many fairs.


Development and productions of textile combat system for the IDF and other militiares abroad.


Civilian & private sector security company equiıpment.


Police & Law enforcement protective gear.

Goverment Tenders

Tender & special project  & equipment for emergency workers.

Manufacturıng Facilites

Ability yo devolop, manufactor supply in large quantites

Special Forces

Tailored solutions according to needs for specific mission

Our Services

CMT textile manifacture vest

Soft balistic manifacture (PI)

Hard balistic manifacture

Bulet proof special desing

Balistic  and tactical accesuary


Balistic sector consultancy

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